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Local tailors prepare for schools' reopening

WINDHOEK, 05 JAN (NAMPA) – Tailors in Windhoek’s Katutura suburb are preparing for school uniform orders as the reopening of schools for the 2017 academic year approaches.
Government schools reopen on 11 January.
Penny Hakadiva, owner of Penny Boutique at the Single Quarters market, has been in the business for 17 years but only started making school uniforms in 2012.
She specialises in uniforms of primary schools all over Katutura for children between five and 12 years of age.
Hakadiva, with the assistance of two employees, tailors only girl uniforms as she said most of them are hard to find and are costly at times.
“Since we do not really wait for someone to order the uniforms and instead just tailor and wait for someone to come and buy, we try to sell them for a cheaper price,” she said.
Hakadiva said they also specialise in adjusting shop-bought uniforms.
She said her company only makes uniforms this time of the year.
“January and February is usually very quiet and if we do not make uniforms, we will just be seated at home and not make ends meet,” she said.
The prices of Hakadiva’s school uniforms range from N.dollars 130 to N.dollars 200, depending on the size of the dress. Factory-made dresses range from N.dollars 220 to N.dollars 400.
Petrina Hangada, who operates from Soweto Market, also tailors school uniforms and also accepts orders throughout the year.
Hangada caters for both primary and secondary schools in Katutura and is assisted by her daughter, Saara Hanganda.
“We have so far received four orders since the beginning of the year and those are the uniforms we are currently busy with,” said Saara.
She said the uniform business has expanded over the years as the number of uniforms they make per year has increased.
January and February are the busiest months for mass retailers of school uniforms as parents rush to buy before the academic year commences.

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