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NSFAF launches online application

With the launch of the online application process students applying for financial assistance from the government-funded organisation Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) will no longer have to wait for months.

Applicants can now expect to get a response within 48 hours after applying. Speaking at the launch the fund''s chief corporate affairs officer Olavi Hamwele pointed out that proof of results, proof of registration at an institution of higher learning and Namibian citizenship among others, were the NSFAF eligibility conditions. He further disclosed that the manual application process made room for those not eligible for funding to also apply which resulted in forms piling up and prolonged the process of awarding loans to eligible students. With the online system non-eligible applicants are discarded at the beginning of the process. The new online application process commences today for Namibian undergraduate SADC/international students and postgraduate SADC/international students studying abroad whilst local undergraduate eligible students can start applying on 12 January 2017. The application period for all study categories will end on 31 March next year.

Also speaking at the launch was NSFAF acting CEO Sven von Blottnitz who shared the benefits of the online application system. The system will reduce the reliance on paper which was costly and time-consuming and will reduce the burden for staff as it will result in less administrative efforts. “The online system will benefit both applicants and the fund itself, and we are happy we have reached this stage,” said Blottnitz. The system is available on the NSFAF website and is also user-friendly on mobile devices. The fund has engaged with the regional and constituency offices to make sure that no one is left out. Those looking for help with the new system can approach regional offices and help will be offered. There will also be a roadshow countrywide with the mobile team to help applicants.

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