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Suicide among men in Zambezi high

Women abusing their husbands and boyfriends are on the increase in the Zambezi Region and this leads to suicide among men, the regional police crime investigations coordinator has revealed.
Deputy Commissioner Evans Simasiku told Nampa recently that over 39 cases of domestic violence against both women and men have been recorded since January.
“Most men in the region suffer in silence at the hands of their wives and girlfriends psychologically, and when some cannot handle it anymore, they commit suicide,” he said.
Simasiku made reference to a 56-year-old member of the Namibian Defence Force who hanged himself at the Greenwell Military Barracks on Independence Day, and a 21-year-old employee of the Katima Mulilo Town Council who hanged himself in his house at the Chotto informal settlement last Wednesday. Both left suicide notes, stating that they killed themselves because of treatment from their wife and girlfriend, respectively.
Simasiku noted that men are not reporting cases of abuse for fear of been laughed at and because of cultural beliefs.
He appealed to men to communicate about problems instead of committing suicide, also urging residents to preserve the good name and culture of the region.
The deputy commissioner further conveyed that over 14 cases of rape of minor girls between 6 and 12 years have been recorded since January.
He observed that some perpetrators are the victims’ grandfathers, fathers and uncles, and that some of the rape cases are linked to ritual purposes.
Simasiku also highlighted an increase in theft cases, especially theft of mobile phones over weekends, which he attributed to extensive alcohol abuse by the victims.
The Namibian Police officer then disclosed that the Impalila Island on the far eastern tip of Namibia recorded zero cases of rape, housebreaking, theft and domestic violence, but many cases of common assault.
He said the assault cases opened since January, revolve around men fighting over women, fuelled by alcohol abuse.

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