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hottest brand fashion show in the north

PUB LIMIT HOSTS FASHION SHOW: Pub Limit with Kashipu Investment CC brings you all the 2nd Local Brands Galore at Pub Limit, Onethindi on Saturday 29 October. The 1st Local Brands Galore was held at Omunangeshefa Pub in Ondangwa earlier this year and it was a success. “The aim of local brands galore is to create unity amongst our local brands and to market local brands, because I believe that a lot of local brands are not known by the community and this will provide the platform for these brands,” said organiser Sandro Ithana.

Gustaf Sheehama

Gustaf Sheehama aka DJ Gee has been a longtime lover of music.
I grew up in Okando village in the Omusati region.
In 2014 I got my diploma in Media and journalism and also got my first job as a Radio presenter at one of the biggest Commercial Radio station in the country.
I have been in Radio for more than 5 years now. Today I’m a Radio presenter at Shipi FM.
My passion for the soulful house underground is been evident in my very popular podcasts and streaming video/radio for the shows I do. I enjoy having interesting topics and playing nice music on Radio.

Mariina Nikanor

They call me Mariina Nikanor aka Baby Gal.
I have been in this game for 9 yearsI started my career in 2008 with //Karas Community radio till 2009 and later moved to Omulunga radio in 2010 till August 2016.
For now I am a captain of the program called The Eye Opener on Shipi FM from 10h00 to 14h00 the most EXCITING and HAPPENING show ever. So join in and have fun with me.

Hendrina ‘Tamia’ Kapapu

My name is Hendrina Kapapu also known as Tamia. Tamia is the name I use when I’m on the radio.
I schooled at Kehemu Primary School and finished at Onguti SSS and COSDEF
I’m a radio Presenter at Shipi FM.
I’m always excited by new challenges and presenting is my passion.

Magano Nangombe Ipadhi

My name is Magano Nangombe Ipadhi. People that know me well call me Butsa. I grew up in a town called Luderitz (Bucht). I am an ambitious young lady willing to learn new things.
I always wanted to be a radio presenter and I have a great passion for it and Shipi FM gave me that opportunity this year.
What I really enjoy is to interact with people and being surrounded by people I love. I also enjoy hanging out with friends.

Junne Akawa

My name is Junne Akawa. The only Junne AKA The Smooth Operator. I was born in a village called Iikuku, 17Km east of Oshakati.

I started my broadcasting career on Namibia 1st commercial radio station Energy 100FM. I have hosted various shows from Breakfast 100 to Sport show.
I admire radio presenters such as DJ Remind, DJ Mac, DJ Sbu, DJ Fresh, Robert Marawa and the late BK.
I am currently hosting Shipi FM Breakfast show called Penduka no Shipi FM Monday to Friday and Smooth Touch on Sunday afternoon.

I'm a joyful radio Jockey.

Maria Namupala

I am Maria Namupala, a very flexible and self-motivated young woman. Currently I’m a news editor/journalist.
I enjoy team work and believe that me being the asset of Shipi FM, I am the heart of its success.
I’m a good communicator, honest, trustworthy, and hardworking. I would love to boost my knowledge and experience in Radio as part of my dream.