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Brave Warriors training squad for the CHAN games

Brave Warriors training squad for the CHAN games

Loydt Kazapua - African Stars
Tjuana Tja Tjinotjiua - African Stars FC
Ronald Ketjijere - African Stars FC
Panduleni Nenkundi - African Stars FC

Martin Emilio - Black Africa FC
Vitapi Punyu Ngaruka - Black Africa FC
Immanuel Heita -Black Africa FC
Dynamo Fredericks - Black Africa FC

Hendrick Somaeb - Blue Waters FC
Gregory Auchumeb - Blue Waters FC

Calvyn Spiegel - Chief Santos FC
Kennedy Eib - Chief Santos FC

Edward Maova - Civics FC
Wangu Batista Gome - Civics FC

Kleophas Useb - Life Fighters
Hubert Mingeri - Life Fighters FC

Riaan !Hanamub - Orlando Pirates FC

Ferdinand Karongee - Tigers FC
Absalom Iimbondi - Tigers FC
Roger Kumbee Katjiteo - Tigers FC

Charles Hambira - Tura Magic FC
Tiberius Lombard - Tura Magic FC
Oswaldo Xamseb - Tura Magic FC
Petrus Shitembi - Tura Magic FC
Junias Theophilus -Tura Magic FC

Charles Uirab - UNAM FC

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