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Changes in the Jonas case charge

Namibian boxer Jonas Junias Jonas' legal team prepared a petition in answer to a 'new' charge that was brought against him on Monday, according to a press release issued by the Namibia National Olympic Committee today.
Jonas is still being charged with rape but some “minor changes” have been reported in accordance with the victim's testimony.

“In front of the judge, the victim and her witness said Jonas grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck,” said the statement.

The petition prepared by Jonas' legal team in response to this change was set to be delivered to the judge yesterday Monday, 6 February. They await further direction from the judge.

Junias was arrested on 7 August last year for alleged sexual assault of a cleaner in the Rio Janeiro Olympic's athletes village.

After intervention by the NNOC, Jonas was transferred to the Namibian embassy in Brazil, where he has been staying ever since.

  • Title: Changes in the Jonas case charge
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