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Fifa intervenes in NFA fiasco

THE Namibia Football Association's executive committee meeting initially slated for this weekend has been called off until Fifa conducts a forensic audit of its troubled affiliate, NFA president Frans Mbidi said on Thursday.

Amidst the unrest brought about by secretary general Barry Rukoro's contract expiring, some executive members also requested the meeting to be postponed, said Mbidi, who was due to face a vote of no confidence after being accused this week by executive member Roger Kambatuku of abusing NFA resources through questionable remuneration practices when on foreign trips.

“Fifa have agreed to a forensic audit. Only through that audit can we determine who has messed up, instead of all these lies that are being told in the media,” Mbidi told The Namibian Sport.

The audit will be undertaken “very soon” he said.

“We can only meet after Fifa has come in. It is the best and safest way for the NFA to proceed.”

Mbidi also said he had been alerted that Rukoro was still in his office, despite being out of contract and under suspension from all football-related activities for 90 days after being charged with violent conduct by Cosafa last week.

Rukoro's tenure as NFA secretariat head lapsed on Saturday, with Mbidi already having informed the long-serving administrator that a new secretary general would be appointed.

Indeed, Rukoro went about business as usual at The Namibian Newspaper Cup over the long weekend, even though he is no longer on the NFA's payroll.

“If he is indeed at the office, like I hear, then he is there illegally. We will not use force. We will abide by the law,” Mbidi said.

“I have already written to Cosafa, Caf and Fifa informing them that this person is no longer with us. I have informed the banks as well. I did that last month. Only [Roger] Kambatuku and I co-sign for the NFA,” said Mbidi.

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