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The full fixtures:

Group Stage

13 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
10h30 Namibia vs Botswana
14h00 Zambia vs Malawi
16h30 Zimbabwe vs Madagascar

14 September (Luveve Stadium)
10h30 Mauritius vs Swaziland
14h00 Kenya vs Mozambique
16h30 South Africa vs Lesotho

15 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
10h30 Madagascar vs Malawi
14h00 South Africa vs Namibia
16h30 Zimbabwe vs Zambia

16 September (Luveve Stadium)
10h30 Kenya vs Mauritius
14h00 Lesotho vs Botswana
16h30 Mozambique vs Swaziland

17 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
14h00 Zambia vs Madagascar
14h00 Namibia vs Lesotho

17 September (Luveve Stadium)
14h00 Zimbabwe vs Malawi
14h00 South Africa vs Botswana

18 September (Luveve Stadium)
14h00 Mauritius vs Mozambique

18 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
14h00 Kenya vs Swaziland

21 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
13h00 Winner Group A vs Winner Group C
15h00 Winner Group B vs Best Runner-Up

Third-Place play-off
23 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
13h00 Loser Semi-final 1 vs Loser Semi-final 2

24 September (Barbourfields Stadium)
15h00 Winner Semi-final 1 vs Winner Semi-final 2

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