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The future of boxing in Namibia looks bright, Namibia Boxing Federation (NBF) President Benjamin Rabang has said.

Referring to the recent 2018 National Youth Games Boxing Competition held in Windhoek from 10 to 12 May, Rabang said the boxers displayed talent which only needs nurturing.

More than 20 boxers participated and eight were crowned national youth champions.

“These boys need exposure but we do not have enough tournaments. These are the best guys who came from their regions. It is unfortunate some regions could not bring their teams to participate,” he said.

Rabang said his federation has a lot to do in terms of developing boxing in the regions with the help of regional federations.

His sentiments were echoed by chairperson of the Khomas Boxing Federation, Jason Taks Naule, who said boxers proved that indeed there is talent.

“Financial injection from government and corporate friends is important. These people do not have enough money to prepare thoroughly. If we want real quality, we must give the regions money well in advance to prepare,” Naule stressed.

He called on the NBF to work with regional federations to identify more boxers who currently cannot display their true talent because of lack of resources.

Naule said the recent tournament is motivational for upcoming boxers and trainers, as they now have something to look forward to every year.

He also called for regular training of boxers throughout the country, saying this will help with the development of these boxers at a very young age.

“The earlier they master the basic technical skills the better boxers they become as they grow through the ranks. It prepares them for the future as well,” he said.

Former world champion, Julius Indongo also called for more tournaments, saying this helps develop young boxers.

“They need to get used to fighting in the ring with various opponents, rather than train the whole year and fight once. Regions must have their own championships so that we select the best,” he said.

Indongo added that he had seen several young boxers who could become world champions.

He noted that it was embarrassing to see some boxers wearing basketball shoes in the ring, hence his commitment to buy proper boxing gear for one boxer from the Erongo region.

Khomas emerged as the top boxing region, winning four gold medals, followed by Omusati with two gold medals, while Ohangwena and Oshana each won a gold medal.

  • Title: The future of boxing in Namibia looks bright, Namibia Boxing Federation (NBF) President Benjamin Rabang has said.
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