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HopSol League players banned from national, regional teams

THE Khomasdal Youth Football League last week adopted a decision by the NFA to exclude all players in the HopSol Youth Football League from national and regional age group teams.
The HopSol Youth Football League started at the end of February without the blessing of the NFA, which said its players will be excluded from national age group tournaments. Following a meeting by the KYL last week, that ban has now also been extended to regional teams, with the result that the Khomas u20 team for next month's Namibia Newspaper Cup competition will also exclude players from the HopSol league.

Hermanus Naobeb, the chairman of the u15 youth league told The Namibian Sport that chairmen and representatives of all the Khomas youth leagues last week decided to uphold the NFA ban on HopSol players.

“We had a meeting last week where we decided to uphold the NFA decision,” he said, adding that the Khomas Youth League will kick off this coming weekend, 18 March.

The HopSol league mostly consists of school teams and private club teams like SKW, Ramblers and DTS.

He said the ban would mainly affect the younger leagues within the NFA structures.

“The loss of teams like DTS, SKW and Ramblers will affect our u9 league quite severely and I'm not sure if we will have enough teams to start the league now. We need at least six teams per age group, but we might struggle to get that,” he said.

He, however, said there will be enough teams in the other age groups, from u11 up to u19 level, with most of the age groups due to kick off this weekend.

“The Crown Build It competition for u13 teams will take place this coming weekend, but most of the other age group leagues will start this weekend,” he said.

Naobeb said he felt sorry for the HopSol players who will not be able to play for the national team in their age groups.

“I feel bad for the talented boys who will now not be part of national or regional teams. Last year the Khomas youth leagues went well and we didn't have any complaints, so I think the HopSol organizers should have just joined forces with the NFA and started one strong combined league,” he said.

“Teams like SKW and Ramblers have always fielded strong teams in the youth leagues so their absence will be felt and now we will only be able to play them in a few club tournaments throughout the year,” he added.

The coach of the Khomas u20 team that will compete in the Namibian Newspaper Cup competition, Rejoice Uirab said the ban would affect his team although, not too much.

“It will affect my team selection, because these teams have some talented players. But then again, I haven't been following the HopSol league so I haven't seen them in action. I have selected a provisional squad and we have already held some training sessions, so I'm happy with the squad and our preparation for the Namibian Newspaper Cup,” he said.

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