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Sunshine Academy aids unpaid boxers

In a commendable act of good faith, the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy on Thursday announced that they will settle the outstanding wages of a rival stable's boxers owed them by the controversial Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB).
Promoter Simon Nangolo, of Kinda Nangolo Promotions, earlier this week revealed that the boxing control board had not paid several fighters who were involved in a boxing tournament last Saturday.

The boxers were left disappointed because the boxing control board had used their purse money to cover “debit orders for rent and other administrative matters”. Kinda Nangolo Promotions had transferred the funds into the governing body's account, which has since been depleted because the embattled new board chalked up thousands in sitting fees for questionable meetings between September and December last year.

The NPBWCB was expected to deduct its administrative fees only, and pay the rest of the sanctioning fee to boxers.

“We have been following this sad story, and we sympathise with the boxers who make a living from boxing,” Tobias stated.

The Sunshine Academy, which has a lucrative sponsorship deal with MTC, will share part of the proceeds of its Independence Boxing Bonanza on 1 April at Ramatex, with the aggrieved boxers.

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