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Top cyclists to compete in Windhoek

SOME of Africa's top mountain bike riders will be in action in Windhoek this weekend for the UCI Class 1 Category race, one of the biggest cycling events on the African continent.
The race is a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Category race, with the result that international cyclists can participate to earn extra points that will qualify them to take part in other international cycling competitions.

The race is designed to provide competitive opportunities to cyclists in all categories, while at least 25 international cyclists have confirmed their participation.

Some of these include Pieter du Toit of South Africa who has a UCI Junior Men's ranking of 35; Mariska Strauss (South African Elite Women's champion and UCI ranking of 25); Cherie Redecker of South Africa (UCI ranking of 36); Monese Phetetso (Lesotho Elite Men's champion with a UCI ranking of 98); and Masitise Likeli (Lesotho Elite Women's champion with a UCI ranking of 98).

Some of Namibia's top cyclists who will participate include the Elite Women's champion Michelle Vorster, who has a UCI ranking of 91; Tristan de Lange, Namibia's u23 national champion (UCI ranking of 214) and the Elite Men's champion, Xavier Papo (UCI ranking of 306).

There's also a chance that several other international riders who recently competed in the Absa Cape Epic race will also enter the UCI Class 1 Category race.

The race will take place at the IJG Trails in Kleine Kuppe on Friday, 31 March and Saturday, 1 April.

The race also forms part of the Namibian XC cycling series that is sponsored by Nedbank and is organized in partnership with Rock n Rut Mountain Bike Club and the Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF).

Nedbank Namibia has for the fourth consecutive year pledged their support and sponsorship for the XC series as a commitment towards the development and growth of cycling in the country. Nedbank has pledged more than N$350 000 towards the series over the past three years, and will pump a staggering N$100 000 into this weekend's race.

“This event being hosted in Namibia means there's a huge possibility the 2019 African XC Championships will be held in Windhoek and the NCF is working very hard towards securing that,” Johann Wasserfall from Rock n Rut said.

“This is a major scoop for Namibia and will serve as a big learning curve. This event coming to Namibia is also a big deal for our local cyclists, some of whom are not always able to travel to other countries to take part in such events, but now they will have the platform right here to compete with some of Africa's top cyclists,” he added.

The general public is invited to come out in numbers to enjoy the race and support Namibia's local cyclists.

The event is open to cyclists of all ages and skill level. More information is available at www.rockandrut.org.

Online entries close on Wednesday at 12h00, but late entries can still be done on Wednesday from 12h00 to 15h00 and Friday from 09h00 until 15h00 at The Kayak club next to the Municipal Swimming Pool in Olympia. The online entry link can also be found on www.raceday.events under upcoming events.

Parking will be available at a designated parking area inside Farm Windhoek for spectators, while the parking area will also be an excellent spectator point to view the race.

All cyclists entering the Elite, u23 and Junior categories must register at The Kayak Club at the times as specified in the Technical document which can be downloaded from www.raceday.events under upcoming events.

No registration or number collections for the above categories will be allowed on Saturday.

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