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Bank Windhoek employee arrested for alleged fraud

A Bank Windhoek employee at the Ondangwa Branch in the Oshana Region was Thursday arrested for allegedly defrauding the financial institution of N.dollars 700 000.
In a crime report issued Friday, the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) said the 26-year-old enquiries officer allegedly activated several dormant bank accounts of foreign nationals who are currently not in the country.
He allegedly transferred the amount through the bank’s ‘EasyWallet’ mobile phone banking system to various mobile phone numbers and withdrew some of the cash from different automatic teller machines in Ondangwa and Windhoek.
The bank detected the fraudulent transactions after some of the funds transferred were not withdrawn and bounced back.
“An amount of N.dollars 70 000 was stopped by the bank after it discovered that such funds were not being withdrawn from the various cellphone numbers it was send to,” the report said.
The suspect was arrested in Windhoek while attending a one-week workshop.
Bank Windhoek’s communications and reputation management department on Friday confirmed the incident but declined to comment further, saying the matter is under police investigation and they are awaiting the outcome.
Meanwhile, clients on Friday afternoon received a text message, announcing that EasyWallet withdrawals are temporarily unavailable until further notice.
The bank, however, said the suspension is not related to the employee’s arrest.

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