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Chinese ambassador donates beds to Impalila clinic

The Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming on Monday handed over two delivery beds to the Impalila Island clinic in the Kabbe South Constituency of the Zambezi Region.
The donation valued at N.dollars 60 000 comes after the ambassador’s visit to the island in December 2017.
Health Director for Zambezi Agnes Mwilima said although there are no permanent doctors at the clinic, it has three nurses who have been trained in midwifery.
She explained that the catchment population of the island is 1 560 and the clinic has exceeded its population in antenatal visits by more than 120 per cent in the past three years.
Mwilima alluded that the increase is due to the fact that the clinic also assists residents of Zambia, while noting that the authority will also conduct a recount of the population as undercounting was a possibility.
The top diseases identified on the island include diarrhoea, respiratory problems, skin disorders as well as sexually transmitted infections, she highlighted.
Zambezi Governor Lawrence Sampofu urged the community of the island to use the available services to deliver at the clinic so as to save some money in transport costs to Katima Mulilo.

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