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Gazza unveils Pumumu

GAZZA Music Production will be unveiling its 11th album on the Saturday, December 3 in Wind­hoek, and this event will host the show­casing of GMP artists and other top artists from the local scene and abroad.
Speaking to Confidente GMP found­er Lazarus Shiimi well known as Gazza said he decided to name his upcoming eleventh album Pumumu because it is a nickname that he has had for a long time. Pumumu is the name of a bird that is as­sociated with exciting happenings in Os­hiwambo culture.
He also said he titled his upcoming al­bum Pumumu because he believes this name comes with many other exciting things. Gazza further added that his fans are what give strength to the name Pumu­mu, adding that the album will give GMP an opportunity to distribute and showcase their music to the world through a univer­sal sound.
“With this album we want to be good and show to the world that we want to be better whilst competing and forming last­ing relationships with artists all over the world”
He further added that his dream is to get the name Namibia known worldwide as other artists have done with their coun­tries; hence he is now busy with the cur­rent hashtag #Pumumuforgold.
Pumumu is a 24-track album, which Gazza describes as a double album. In Pumumu Gazza said he gained 70 percent artistic freedom in the sense that he is try­ing to be true to himself and at the same time tracking a balance in his music by making it appeal to locals, Africa and the world at large.
The album will be available on the mar­ket on December 28, and Gazza said in this album he has given his best. He fur­ther said that at the moment he is creating a blueprint for upcoming artists who wish to follow in his path.
Speaking on the album lyrical content, he said he tried to be sensitive towards the young listeners and he tried to strike a balance between the streets where he came from and not ignore his responsibil­ity as well, but because of the artistic free­dom in the album he ignored the fear of being judged musically or artistically.
He further confirmed that GMP will be hosting shows across the country to pro­mote the new album.
“When we say one has paid N$50 for our shows, he/she will always get the value of the amount he/she paid for. It is better we over deliver than under deliver when it comes to our shows. We are always aim­ing for creativity and relevance in terms of our appearance, choreography and in all sorts of our musical work,” concluded Gazza.

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