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Man 'sells' niece on Facebook

POLICE yesterday said the man who advertised the sale of his niece on Facebook could face the wrath of law.
Mervin G-eight Nambaru from Omaheke put up his niece for sale on Buy and Sell Namibia group. He said he was selling the niece for £20 000 (N$340 000).

He also posted the picture of the smiling baby girl.

“She is very naughty... all of my things in the house are broken just because of her... you can call me at this number...”

Most of those who commented asked whether the sale was a joke or not, while others expressed disgust.

There were some who asked for the girl's documents.

“Since she is a problem I will only pay half the price,” one person said.

Yet some concerned people said this was child trafficking, and that police should investigate.

Nambaru told The Namibian that he was joking when he put up the post on Tuesday.

“It is my sister's kid,” he said. “I was only joking.”

The child's mother, Ivy Kachua, also said it was supposed to be a joke.

“But maybe it went too far,” she said.

Police spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi said the Gender-Based Violence Investigation Unit will be notified.

“Even if this is a joke, it is a dirty joke and cannot be tolerated. There could be those elements in child trafficking that see this type of thing and be willing to pay 10 times more than what was offered and then what? This is a dangerous joke,” Kanguatjivi said.

He said the new cyber bill may address such issues.

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