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Namcol avails N.dollars 300 000 for scholarships

The Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) has availed N.dollars 300 000 for scholarships to selected students through regional councils countrywide.
The money was availed through Namcol Scholarship Fund, a yearly initiative that awards scholarships to students who cannot financially afford to enrol with Namcol and improve their grades 10 and 12 subjects.
The scholarships cover tuition and examination fees.
In a telephone interview with Nampa on Thursday, Namcol Public Relations Officer, Conny Samaria said each region is allocated a “quota value” of the money that determines the number of students who will be awarded scholarships.
He added that this year, Namcol has partnered with regional councils to help in identifying needy students and facilitating the application process for scholarships.
“We believe that councillors are the best partners to help us identify people who need the assistance and make recommendations to us,” he said.
Students from nine regions have already been awarded scholarships this year, and Namcol is waiting for the others to submit their recommendations for approval.
“We want those offices to identify people who reach [meet] our requirements and see how we can help them to academically improve themselves,” said Samaria.
He added that the scholarships are awarded annually as part of their corporate social responsibility programme.
Samaria said Namcol also gave N.dollars 17 000 to the Office of the President to assist students from marginalised communities and N.dollars 12 000 to Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) organisation.
He explained that the money was given to the Office of the President as it is the one mandated to deal with marginalised communities, while MRS deals with men who gather daily at municipal job sites and traffic lights in Windhoek looking for jobs.

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