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North West Plastic Manufacturers donates water tanks to Ondangwa Council

North West Plastic Manufacturers (NWPM) has donated three 5000-litre water tanks to residents of the informal settlements of Ondangwa to help curb the spread of COVID-19.
The donation, made through the Ondangwa Town Council here on Wednesday is valued at N.dollars 14 000.
Handing over the water tanks, NWPM production manager Kalimba Lukas said water is essential for the community of Ondangwa who are without water and in dire need of such help in this difficult time.
On his part, the town’s chief executive officer Ismael Namgongo said the tanks will be distributed to residents who have occupied illegal areas in the town’s settlements of Katutura, Onguta and Omashaka.
Those areas, according to Namgongo, are at this stage without water pipelines.
“The donation of the tanks came at the right time and are crucial in supplying clean water to the needy residents,” he said.
NWPM, Namgongo said, is the first local company to assist the council in its quest to support the government’s endeavour to successfully combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Title: North West Plastic Manufacturers donates water tanks to Ondangwa Council
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