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Ondangwa WhatsApp Group donates food

Youth of the Ondangwa Urban Constituency, through their constituency WhatsApp group, raised over N.dollars 16 000 to buy food as Christmas gifts for destitute residents of Ondangwa town.
Needy residents in the town’s informal settlements were selected to be the beneficiaries as those who live in the rural areas are already benefitting from the government-sponsored food relief programme.
Councillor of the Ondangwa Urban Constituency, Elia Irimari handed over the food hampers to beneficiaries during a ceremony at his office on Wednesday.
Irimari said the Ondangwa Urban Constituency WhatsApp Group will support destitute residents of Ondangwa town with food hampers on an annual basis.
The hampers contained, amongst others, maize meal, sugar, cooking oil, rice, spaghetti and soup.

  • Title: Ondangwa WhatsApp Group donates food
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