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Rundu to create more dumping sites

The Rundu Town Council (RTC) is preparing to create additional dumping sites at the town in order to promote cleanliness, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sikongo Haihambo has said.
The existing dumpsite is located approximately two kilometres outside Rundu, leading to residents creating several spots in town where they dump their unwanted waste and rubble.
This has contributed to the town’s moniker as Namibia’s garbage town.
Haihambo told Nampa in an interview on Sunday the RTC also saw the need for more dumping sites as the population of the town is growing at an astronomical rate.
He highlighted that besides the main existing dumpsite, the first new one will be set up along the Cuma road on the Trans-Caprivi Highway.
“This dumping site will be on the west side of the road because of the wind direction patterns. You do not want the wind to blow towards the residential areas as our winds are normally south-westerly,” he noted.
The second dumpsite to cater for residents of Ndama and Tuhingireni will also be along the Cuma road, near the oxidation pond, and will serve as a transfer facility for all garbage to the bigger dumping site.
Ndama has the most residents of all Rundu suburbs.
A third dumping site will also serve as a transfer facility due to the fact that it will be situated between residential areas Kaisosi and Kehemu.
“Our thinking with the third dumping site has been to put it in the proximity of residential areas in order to make it much more convenient,” Haihambo said.
He pointed out that the existing main dumping site is most convenient for Sauyemwa and Kasote residents but not for people living in the centre of town or in the Kehemu or Tuhingireni settlements.
The Acting CEO said the town council is now busy with the clearing of the first site.

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