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Schools in Zambezi remain closed due to floods

Five schools affected by flooding in the Zambezi Region did not open for the second term on Monday, throwing the schedules of the schools in disarray.
The five schools are Mpukano Primary School and the Namiyundu, Ikaba, Muzii and Nakuntwe combined schools.
Water levels at the schools are reported to still be high.
The region’s acting Education Director, Robert Mabuku on Tuesday told Nampa that 772 Grade 9 and Grade 10 learners from the affected schools are being relocated to other schools.
The Grade 9 and Grade 10 learners of Muzii Combined School were relocated to Lusese before the end of last term, while Nakuntwe’s learners of the same grades are being relocated to Dr Sam Nujoma Combined School at Kabbe.
Grades 9 and 10 learners at Ikaba Combined School will be relocated to Izimwe Primary School.
The remaining 2 531 learners in grades 0 to 8 at the schools have not returned to school.
“It is unfortunate that this year’s floods are worse than in the previous years. It was not expected,” Mabuku said.
He added that the directorate, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and the regional council will ensure that when the water subsides, they will make up for the lost time with afternoon classes.
The five schools will also not close for the August holidays, Mabuku noted.
He further pointed out that although 13 other schools in the flood-prone areas re-opened, they operate under very difficult conditions as they are surrounded by flood waters.
Mabuku said the schools will need more assistance like tents that can be erected on higher ground for learners to sleep in, so they do not have to use canoes to come to school and the possibility of drowning is minimised.
Other forms of support required are mosquito nets, insect repellent, water purification tablets and temporary ablution facilities.

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